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Democrats Looking To Roll Back Parts Of GOP Tax Reform Law. (01/15/2019)

The Hill (1/9, Jagoda) reported Democrats “in the coming year will be laying the groundwork to eventually roll back parts of President Trump’s tax law.” However, the piece explains that “with Republicans controlling the Senate and the White House, Democrats are unlikely to be able to undo any significant portion of the law in the next two years.” Their goal instead is “to lay a foundation for what they can do in the future if they retake the Senate or White House, hammering away at Republicans over the law’s least popular aspects ahead of the 2020 vote.”

Business Climate

Powell Says Fed Can Be “Patient” As It Decides On 2019 Rate Hikes. (01/15/2019)

Reuters (1/10) reported that Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said last Thursday that the Fed “has the ability to be patient on policy given inflation is stable, allowing it to assess whether the US economy will slow this year as some in financial markets worry.” Powell was quoted as saying, “Especially with inflation low and under control, we have the ability to be patient and watch patiently and carefully as we .. figure out which of these two narratives is going to be the story of 2019.” According to Reuters, “While those initial comments boosted stocks, they later slipped when Powell said the Fed would shed significantly more assets than it already has.”

Small Business Marketing

Amazon Search A Major SEO Trend For 2019. (01/15/2019)

Forbes (1/10) columnist Lilach Bullock wrote about SEO trends in 2019. She says, “It’s difficult to see how Amazon Search can ever compete with Google – after all, it’s hard to see oneself searching for ‘how to remove carpet stains’ on Amazon – but it’s actually a huge competitor.” In fact, many “SEO specialists are expecting a huge growth in Amazon Search Optimization in the coming year.” Bullock citeed how “72% of shoppers now use Amazon to find products, based on a study from Kenshoo across consumers in the US, Germany, UK, and France.”

Wages and Benefits

House Passes Measure To Boost Federal Court Protection For ACA. (01/15/2019)

The Washington Times (1/9, Howell) reported, “The House voted along party lines Wednesday to intervene in a lawsuit that threatens to kill off Obamacare, as Democrats tried to paint the GOP into a corner over its professed support for shielding people with pre-existing conditions.” Three Republicans supported the measure allowing House Speaker Pelosi “to defend the 2010 health law in federal court.” The vote was an effort by Democrats to upend Administration refusal “to defend the Affordable Care Act against” a state-driven suit, “which says Congress’ tweaks to Obamacare’s ‘individual mandate’ made the rest of law unconstitutional.”

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